Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well,as time passes on it pushes you down in the stack of age.All these years that have passed by have given you what,what is it that you have gained,what is that you can boast about in all these years??Any answers??
Well as of what i can say its expirience that you gain.It is true.I know you dont believe it.I know that.The question that is irritating you probably is that what is it that you have done that you have gained something.The most appropriate answer to this question is that expirience is the outcome of your doing anything and everything.It may be good or bad,but it is your asset.Nobody can take it away from you.Expirience is the least thing that you have gained in all these years of your existance.
The true essence of happiness is what everybody is craving for in this world.Some are fornunate and some carve their fortune.But what about those who have had enough of their shre of miseries and are denying to get accustomed to it.No matter how they toil,it is being impossible for them to get out of their self defined world of agony.
Still searching........
Some pass on to their grave in this wierd race against time for finding the answer as soon as possible.
What i kno,what i believe, is that the answer lies within you.I know three aspects of life namely past,present and future.The rule is to make your present good to make your past better.But past is not really the thing that you would like to think about.Why do we always remember he good things that we had done,yaaa y not??? They impart positive vibes!!!
Well,Expirience is the name given by man to their mistakes,take a look at the bad things and you shall get the answer.Take care!!