Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am writing for 'Qui suis je?' after a very long time, probably an year!!! Its not that i havnt got anything to write.......................
But there's one thing that bounds each and every one of us, its time.
TIME.............its a very special thing and the most important one!!! Isnt it???
One has to respect it in any case. Say, for example evry body in this world reminds you of what?????>>TIME
When U dont want to meet any person you say u dont have what>>>TIME
Why do kids dont perform well in exams, coz they didnt complete their course in what>>>TIME
In this one year, i dont know what happened to me??? I think i am lost somewhere, and U KNO WAT, evrybdy whos close to me has one thing to say abt me : he dsnt want anything and literally yes!!!
I think nowadays i am least interested in almost everything, i feel irritated from almost everything, i am running away from my close ones, nobody can stop me , i want to stop i cant stop!!! Am i hurt someone or something???perhaps!!!
It takes TIME to recover!!!!
i hv gone mad!!!!!!!!