Saturday, August 4, 2007

Concept Of Understanding

If we say that this world has reached a million milestones in advancement of science and technology, the backbone of this statement is that its 'coz the world has reached trillion milestones in human understanding.
People its very important to be with the world and to run with its pace and understanding is one thing in which if one cant keep pace with the world then it is next to impossible to match its level again.It is 'coz of s one word understanding that in cricket,Dada and Sachin were said to be the finest and the most disastrous opening pair in the world 'coz they had a very good understandng between each other.It was small (and funny to many) example to start with but i am sure that you understand the gravity in which i am saying this..Another aspect of understanding is that whenever you are close to anyone in your life,it is said you undersand that person really well if and only if you can see whats goin on inside him/her.If one cant judge that then i am sorry,one is nowhere near the other!!!The true essence of true love lies in understanding, whatever kind of love you possess for the latter.
So people,enjoy and believe in love!!!