Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Noble Heart Of A Dirty Mind

People..........Today i tell you something that are very characterstic of me.

As you can judge from the title itself that talks of a dirty mind.I have no regrets in telling you that i have a dirty mind.Dirty in what sense .......i relly dunno!!! :))

What one says and what the other person says may be similar to listen to but a wiser guy must be able to differentiate the sense of difference between the two(atlest to maintain that tag of being wise).

So if you as readers are wise, you must be able to get that why i dont have any regrets or any sort of guilts that i have a dirty mind.

Lemme explain...............I am sure everyone in this world has heard that Rabbit and Tortoise Story , see obviously when it comes to racing Rabbit's the better one. In the later part when he slept and the tortoise won..........what did u judge regarding the tortoise's character and the rabit's character...................People i hereby declare that i am that Rabbit in my sense.

I have tasted success a large number of times and i really enjoy when i remember those times.

During that course of time i had hurt a person'sfeelings.................today i say sorry to that person.

That is why i say 'Noble Heart Of A Dirty Mind'

One more thing i can say to that person is that there is only one guy who can decide what is right and what is wrong and he is GOD.

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